Zoé Ouvrier learned to respect nature during his childhood on his hometown near Montpellier. Her gaze over the landscape, especially trees with their knotted shapes and their sprawling roots has been a great influence on her work. For Zoé, these natural creations crystallise in allegories of life. 


A graduate of the Beaux Arts in Paris, Zoé Ouvrier engraves an organic forest on wooden panels. The imprinted bark evokes the skin, the life, the original matrix of which the forest and humanity are made. Her works create a space between nature and texture in which the atmosphere is mysterious, where time stands still. 


Playing with the balance between light and shade, Zoé Ouvrier creates screens, wall panels and engraved paintings; unique pieces that lead us into a universe where the strength and serenity of nature reign.  


By engraving, she sculpts stories out of her raw materials. She shapes scars left by the memory of her experience. The result is a magnificent visual representation of life.   


Zoé Ouvrier's work has been exhibited worldwide, in art galleries and in major exhibitions. She also produced commissioned works and/for installations. Today, she collaborates with renowned designers and architects. Her creations showcase spaces that juxtapose art, design and architecture in a multidisciplinary art construction.

Works Available:

Zoe Ouvrier / Inform Tree / 100 x 70 cm  *©ZoeOuvrier / Courtesy PR Gallery.jpg
Zoe Ouvrier / Bird Tree / 100 x 70 cm  *©ZoeOuvrier / Courtesy PR Gallery
Zoe Ouvrier / Abies Painting / 100 x 70 cm  *©ZoeOuvrier / Courtesy PR Gallery
Zoe Ouvrier / Van Screen / 230 x 200 cm  *©ZoeOuvrier / Courtesy PR Gallery
Zoe Ouvrier / Blue Painting / 211 x 94 cm  *©ZoeOuvrier / Courtesy PR Gallery
Zoe Ouvrier / My eyes / 180 x 180 cm  *©ZoeOuvrier / Courtesy PR Gallery