Frank Stella

Frank Stella worked for more than twelve years (1985-1997) on his series related to the theme of Melville’s

famous novel: Moby Dick. This vast work gave birth to 266 artworks including paintings, sculptures, prints and

collages. Each of these works is related to one of the 135 chapters of the novel, each chapter being treated

in several different ways.

Within this huge project Stella has devoted some fifty works to the technique of printing. Amateur of technical

and technological prowess, he has raised these achievements to a high level of complexity and diversity

in the field of printing. This fifty works are divided into four small series, one of which consists of 13 works :

The Waves.

This catalog contains a selection of works from the The Waves series, marked «CTP» for «Color Trial Proof».

This term is used by Frank Stella to designate unique works of various printing techniques on which he has

rework the pattern by hand.

The choosen artworks present a tasty mix of silkscreen, lithography, linocut, marbling and collage above

which the artist has painted. These works, by their luminosity and their movement are characteristic of the

series Moby Dick.

Frank Stella worked mainly with three types of shapes. He first uses a circular pattern of Chinese lattice as

a central background. Then the artist superimposes differents patterns of waves and gutters. The set sometimes

reaches four levels of thickness.

All the artworks are signed and dated by the artist, they bear the indication «CTP» for Color Trial Proof.

Each unique work is hand colored and collaged with varying combinations of lithography, linocut, silkscreen

and marbling.