French artist, sculptor and painter born in 1956. He lives between the south of France and Italy. It was his mother who directed him towards artistic activity and with her he shared this passion for drawing. 

Bezzina struggles with the material is at the center of his artistic research. He deconstruct the figure to recreate it. Bezzina's goal lies in an almost impossible search for total art. This exploratory work requires the density of the sculpture.

In his principle of "DIVISION" the artist investigates about the materials he deconstructs, producing fragments and bring it together again to give them a new birth, moving from division to "amplification", a kind of alchemy that allows the chosen fragment to give the power of a new order, which become an independent entity. 

In the ethics of sustainable development, Bernard Bezzina demonstrates a position that respects the elements of nature. He works with cotton paper made after an ancestral process in an old grinder. Tear this thick skin to recompose it on a map. Operating by layers, he covers it with multiple coats of natural pigments. Layer by layer, to reach density. It looks like tanned leather covered with incisions and traces creating different impacts.

Works Available:

DIVITION Volume Huile sur Toile
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